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LABELS- Where do I fit?


Struggling for my identity, I sought help with Howard Brown Health Center. I began two weeks ago.
Pouring out my soul.
Trying to figure out who I am? What I am?
Lots of thoughts.
Pent up emotion.
Are there others like me?
How can I be so screwed up?
Can I survive?
How do I learn to accept myself?
Finding out a missing piece of the puzzle at 49 wasn't easy.
Harder now that I know I AM different...genetically...scientifically, not just feelings...but X's and O's wise.
Hermaphrodite? Intersexual? Androgonous? He/she? Transsexual? Transgender? MtoF?

Who am I What am I? WHY am I?

Today, I was told I fit most in the genderqueer circle....thus, my first day here...

Are you there?
How are we alike?
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