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The Revolution Begins

I have asked everyone I know to use the "wrong" restrooms all day, Sat Sep 19. The response given if given a hard tme? Simple. "Its just a toilet".
The conversations this has inspired, have already been the single best birthday present Ive ever recieved.
This is the beginning of our "Glitter Revolution" Eventually My hope is to help our own and the next generation evolve. I see a world where these castes and categories we've boxed ourselves into will become dramatically less important. Where there is no longer a struggle for us all to simply "be". A life spent fighting or hiding, constantly trying to "pass" for one thing or another is...well...a lot of wasted time really. We dont get much time here, and while its true that "...To die would be an awfully great adventure..." It also remains, that this life is an adventure taht is happening. And with all this fighting and hiding, we are missing it.
I have come to the conclusion that we are a Queer generation.
We have all been simply "passing" in some way or another, and I think its time for a Revolution.
A Glitter Revolution, where we do not hide our eyes. Where we quietly explain "We are the same" take it or leave it.
It has already begun. The plates are shifting.
Our fellow genderoffender Malic said it best
"I can taste the revolution on your tongue"
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