Friday, September 11, 2009

viva la revolucion...the wc revolucion

It happens to me at least once a day.
That warm uncomfortable squiggle beneath my stomach. The furrow in my brow. The inevitable question...which public restroom do I use?
Where am I less likely to be confronted?
Why do I have to think about this every time I pee?

This happened to me yet again about two months ago. I wasn't paying attention to where I was, and my proximity to a large group of my fellow "gender offenders" made me a little less self conscious.
I made my way to the can.
"Excuse me..." A rather sweet-looking young lady sneers at me.
"You're not a woman." she states, with an impetuous stamp of her foot.
"I thought it was just a toilet," I reply, wishing in this moment that I had some glitter to pass on to this poor person who was taking themselves a bit too seriously.

I ducked into the Lou, and did my business, and when I emerged from the coffee shop's WC the person who had confronted me was gone.
I went back to my table and relayed the event to my friends.

Three of them seemed shocked that anyone would take issue with one's preferred restroom choice, it being such a basic human function.
They couldn't believe me when I told them this kind of confrontation happens to me at least once a day, no matter which room I choose.
I don't fit into either of those accepted representations of "male" or "female".
It is my belief that this two-partied gender system is broken.

And this is when I had a...EUREKA moment.
What if on Saturday September 19, all day, anyone who was interested staged a little dramatics in the john?
Use the opposite restroom to what you usually use all day.
If you feel uneasy alone, take a friend.
If you'd rather, only do it once.
If anyone confronts you...simply reply "It's just a toilet..."
Isn't it?
After your moment, if anything happens, if nothing happens...tweet about it, or write us a blog (send to

September 19 is my 26th birthday. And I, Peter Noble, can think of no greater present than some Chicago-wide restroom genderfunkery.

Peter Danger Noble
co-founder Genderqueer Chicago

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