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How to be a Trans Ally!

This list was given to GqC by a friend. The original author is unknown, but the text is intended for wide distribution.

Some dos and dont's created by trans folks for our fabulous trans allies! Please help us spread the love.

Use the pronoun I want you to use. If you make a mistake, quickly correct yourself.

Don’t ask if I’ve had surgery or if I take hormones. It’s not your business.

Politely correct others if they use the wrong pronoun.

Treat me like you would any other person.

Actively defend my rights.

Offer me an escort to the bathroom if I’m getting problems.

Don’t put the “T” in your group’s name unless you’ve done something to earn it.

Do your own research. Don’t ask me to explain it all to you.

Don’t tell me how cool being trans makes me. I’m not trans to be cool.

Don’t tell jokes that that might offend trans individuals or allow others to do so.

Don’t assume that trans always refers to an MTF or FTM person.

Don’t assume you can guess my sexual orientation because I’m trans.

Include me. I’ve got plenty to offer.

Don’t call me by my old name.

Be honest about what you know and what you don’t.

Support trans activism.

Don’t judge my ability to pass.

Support me when I need you don’t pity me.

Actively seek out materials created by trans people.

Don’t concern yourself with my genitalia.

Don’t fetishize or tokenize me based on your assumptions or generalizations.

When somebody who hasn’t been exposed to trans issues makes a rude comment, correct them in the nicest way possible.

Don’t pretend to understand terms that you really don’t.

Don’t support those who you know that marginalize trans people.

If I tell you I or someone else is trans, don’t go around telling everyone.

If you’re with me somewhere that you’re not sure is a safe space, don’t bring up trans issues.

If you hear or see something transphobic, do something about it.

Realize that challenging binary gender systems isn’t always the same thing as being trans.
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