Monday, June 29, 2009

DRAG me Back to 1920! TOMORROW NIGHT

Minibar serves up our very own free speakeasy for our coming out bash!

DRAG Me Back to 1920 is a 1920s Drag ball complete with all the swank and style of a full speakeasy.

Expect Drag shows and live Jazz early in the evening. Later, DJs Appel and Joe spin out the night.

Wear your best 1920s drag. Or whatever feels right. Everyone is welcome. 21+

Minibar is located 3339 N. Halsted, right in the heart of Boystown.

The event is free. Use the password "gender silly" to get it!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Love Song for the Boi on the El etc.

by k. switch.

You need not shake my hand so hard

or knit your eyes so harshly

or apologize when you join conversations between me and another femme-appearing person

Look at me.

I am you.

Gendershit, cut from the same cloth,

We are brothers.

I want to know: how long must we trek on

absent of each other?

We need us. Now more than ever.

Mister, you look fucking good.

You make me stop before the mirror.

I test myself against yourself.

And this is how we compete

and know each other

and hate

and become what we tell women we are not:

dumb fucking men.

Mister, look at me.

This is our chance.

To start over,

to start fresh of all the poison.

To prove that strength and abuse are antonyms,

love and possession, distant strangers.

Let’s make a pact.

We will not follow our fathers.

We will not try to own the women we love.

We will not threaten one another in a world that would extinct us.

We will not commodify ourselves into cartoons of masculinity.

We will not appropriate slangs foreign to our tongues in an effort to appear tough.

It is your ferocity,

it is that heart,

it is that unshakeable goodness

that our clothing, our need to maintain something invulnerable, would mask

but I know better.

Because we are sisters.


told around the same campfire.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

help others pee safely

Also, check out this checklist taken from PISSAR (People In Search of Safe and Accessible Restrooms), a student group at UCSB. It gives basic criteria for determining whether a restroom is safe and accessible for genderqueer and people with disabilities. We should all be able to pee happily.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


This website, designed for gender non-conforming folks, lists 25 Chicago bathrooms that are gender-free or gendered but safer. This list needs expanding, and I think anyone can add to it.

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