Friday, January 29, 2010

TRANSportation Part Duex

Ever wanted to fill a train just for the sake of genderfucking it? Do you want to let people on the brown line know that trans people won't be invisible anymore... The come to TRANSportation Part Duex!

Join us on February 1st as we alert Chicago to the presence of gender-variant people with some light-hearted theatre.
We'll meet at the Randolph Brown Line stop at at 5:45pm On the NORTH side platform.
we will take the train together at 6pm.
We will ride with each car for two stops, performing some informal theatre to let train cars know that genderqueer people ride CTA daily. You need not be an actor to ride this train! And you need not be trans either. Gender funnies and all allies are welcome. Come out for a night of fun, safe, and informal education!
Please, set aside two hours for the activity.

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