Monday, February 1, 2010

This Wednesday: My Own Transphobia- Safe Space Discussion

Sometimes, the outside world need not say a word. We police ourselves and our peers in an effort to appear normal. Where does this internal transphobia come from? And how can we overcome it?

Join us This Wednesday at The Gerber/ Hart Libary for a safe space discussion
1127 W. Granville

Safe space meetings are open to everyone who wants to talk about personal gender issues. You need not sign up. Just come. Researchers and reporters are asked not to attend, but may contact organizers at Questions? Shoot us an e-mail!


  1. We saw you guys tonight on the El - good to see you raising visibility!

  2. If this is in response to my comment about the word "tranny," or the framing of the public transit action, think again--I was calling you out on your trans misogyny, and you're the one with the internalized transphobia. "Anti-assimilation" rhetoric has a long history of justifying sexism in activist movements, and positioning feminist critique within those movements as counterrevolutionary--please don't give it more.

  3. I'm having a lot of trouble understanding how anything can be a "safe space" and yet be about such a contenscious and volatile subject. I honestly think you guys need to figure out who your "safe space" silences and who it protects.

    And you know, a lot of what you might read as "policing" might be actually something the community might need to deal with, such as trans men and transmasculine people exhibiting transphobic misogyny towards trans women.

    just my 2 c,
    a trans man.


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