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Fabulousness: Not Optional

By: J.S.

As my outward gender tacks ever more femme, I have found that I can only pull it off if I can be ever more (for lack of a better word) fabulous about it.

What's fabulousness? It's just going out there and saying hey, I love myself and I'm beautiful and I dress and act how I please. Oh yeah, and also 'hey look at me!'

This has been tough for me, a guy who was socialized as 100% dude in a heteronormative environment. But it is rewarding -- if you are completely accepting and open about yourself, people pick up on it, and it's what creates a wake of acceptance about you. And acceptance is what makes it easier for other sexual and gender variant folks out there to come out. Fabulousness has made it easier for me to create a positive reality about me, in addition to being totally fun.

So rock those pink jeans, bright jewelry or big hairstyle: you're fabulous.
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