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Support Group for Partners of Transfolk is Starting Up!


Come this May, partners of trans people will have a new space to flesh out some of the challenges of navigating relationships and navigating community perceptions.

Starting on May 6th, "Partners in Transition" will be meeting each Thursday from 7- 8:30pm at Howard Brown. From the description:

This [group] will provide a space for women and men currently in a relationship with an individual who identifies on the trans- spectrum (including FTM, MTF, gender queer, etc). Topics of discussion will include: identity, communication, gender privilege, community, sexuality, culture and support systems.... Guest speakers will present on health, wellness and legal issues.

"Partners in Transition" is a collaborative effort between Howard Brown Health Center and The Chicago Women's Health Center. For more information or to sign-up, call Audra Marks at 773-935-6126 x303.

(Please note: gay cupcake is irrelevant)

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