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XXY: Showing Info and Movie Review


XXY is a coming of age story about an intersexed youth in Argentina, and you have the opportunity to see it for free at SAIC on Monday, April 12 @ 6 p.m.! If you’re on the fence about going, then check out this synopsis and review by GQC’s own Andre Perez…

The story unfurls as fifteen-year old Alex and hir family figure out hir intersex status. The film explores the dynamics as the family tries to figure out how to “deal” with this discovery. Alex sets off navigating hir changing relationship with hir family, hir complicated gender identity, and hir emerging sexuality in this disorienting context.

Even after taking into account the recent proliferation of visibility afforded to transgender people in popular media, few filmmakers or media producers have attempted to portray the realities of living as a person who is intersexed. XXY is a compassionate rendering of an ill-understood experience. As such it poetically conveys the clumsiness, the ambivalence, and the confusion of first encounters and shifting familial relationships. Somewhat sentimental in tone, it’s pace can seem slow to an American audience. However, your patience will pay off if you are a fan of artsy independent movies, stories built from emotionally rich situations, or nuanced coming of age stories.

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