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Volunteer for FIELD DAY

On Saturday, May 29th (12pm-5pm), Genderqueer Chicago will host a FIELD DAY with outdoor games and a potluck at Humboldt Park. We have lots of ideas for activities and we're looking for volunteers to lead them! If you want to lead one of the following activities or one of your own, please email genderqueerchicago@gmail.com by MONDAY, May 24th and let us know!

-Paper airplanes
-Duck Duck Goose
-3-legged race
-Four square (we'll provide chalk and a ball)
-face painting
-Tug of war (we'll provide the rope)
-water balloon toss
-dodge ball (Andy will help with logistics, but is looking for balls and a referee)

Here are some other activities that we'll have going on:


Hope to see you there! You can find the event on facebook here.
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