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Meeting Canceled for Banner-Making Party!


Our usual meeting scheduled for Wednesday, June 23, at Affinity Community Services has been canceled, but we're doing something fun!

Instead of our usual discussion group meeting, join us at the Gerber-Hart Library this Wednesday, June 23, for a banner-making party as we prep the Dyke March and the Pride Parade. The artsy fun will begin at 7pm!

So what’s with all the parades?

Some members of Genderqueer Chicago will join volunteers of the Gerber-Hart Library in the Chicago Pride Parade on Sunday, June 27. Everyone is invited to march with us!

Some community members are hesitant to participate in Pride, feeling that the planning and activities surrounding the parade have not included gender-variant communities or engaged Chicago neighborhoods outside of Boys Town. Given these feelings, we believe that is is important to have a visible presence in this environment, making a public call for greater representation of Chicago's queer and gender-variant community at Pride. Through out participation, we hope to reach out those who would not otherwise be aware of Genderqueer Chicago's resources and support volunteers at the Gerber-Hart Library who provide us with a meeting space.

We will post information about where/when we'll meet before the Pride Parade on the blog.

If you are not interested in the Pride Parade but still want to get in on this month's fun, join us at the Dyke March on June 26th! For more information: click HERE.
Check the blog for updated directions and information about the Dyke March and the Pride Parade!
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