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GqC Postpones South Side Meetings: Looking for a New Space!


Remember how we've been meeting on the North and South Sides of Chicago?

Well, we still want to do that. Unfortunately, Affinity Community Services has to relocate, and our meeting attendance in Hyde Park has been waning.

So here's the deal: GqC will continue to meet every other week at the Gerber/Hart Library (1127 W. Granville). But for now, we won't meet at Affinity. On off weeks, we're planning some awesome summer fun!

But we need your help! We need a space so that we can continue to meet every week, can continue to be accessible beyond the North Side, and can continue to build transformative relationships in our community!

We're looking for collaborative partnerships with a Trans/Queer friendly organizations on the South and West Sides of Chicago. We're hoping to work with organizations that will benefit from gender-variant programs and be able to provide our growing group with space and collaboration! Wow this post has so many exclamation marks!

Suggestions? Hit us up at genderqueerchicago@gmail.com.
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