Saturday, July 31, 2010

When the doctor is In, it's hard to be Out

In the wake of a recent meeting about gender and healthcare, I was pretty bummed to read this story about a transwoman ridiculed at a Muncie hospital.

Genderqueer Chicago readers, how can we educate folks in the medical community who lack information about transgender issues? What can we do to make ourselves more comfortable when doctors get genderfreakedout?

Send us your strategies at and I'll write up some tips for dealing with doctors as gender variant people. I'll post a list of strategies to the blog as a soon as I get a few responses!


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  1. That's pretty f*cked up; when one must go to the e.r., so little control of the situation is retained. For g.p.'s, I like to interview potentials in my latest city beforehand, to ensure that I have a 'safe space' when I need a physician. I inform them of my gender shit that could affect health situations (binding, sensitivity to gyno exams, etc.) & gauge their reactions, both reactionary & presented.


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