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Nominate Your Band!

It's no secret--there's a lot of talent in the queer and trans community of Chicago and the Mid-west. I, for one, am feeling like more of them should be on my Ipod. What's community for if not to turn each other on to new things and share stuff that's great?

Let's highlight some folks who are playing great music locally with a
5 Local Musicians You Outta
Check Out

Here's how it works,
Step 1: You send us the name of a musician/band you'd like to recommend AND/OR you send us your contact info if you are interested in being one of our reviewers.
Step 2: We contact the musician/band and ask them to send us some sample music.
Step 3: We match up the music to a listener who then writes a paragraph-long review.
Step 4: Once we get a few, we post them with samples and links to where you can find more of their stuff.
Step 5: Everyone has a better music selection.

If you're interested in being a reviewer or have a musician to recommend, send it to genderqueerchicago@gmail.com

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