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Beautiful Boy

"Beautiful boy
I wish you could hear my thoughts
Maybe then you would understand
And I would hurt you less
But you can't
You can only hear my teeth and the dumb things they say
So I run run till my feet don't hit the ground
Run till I pass out or you
You pass out of my mind or till it makes sense
No restraint no water no money or way home
No sense nonsense
And so I run
All the hurt radiating in and out of you
The hurt you created and the hurt that created me
In and out like the harsh breath over my busted ribs
Cracked out of desperation
Cracked like your thoughts
Beautiful boy how could I hurt you?
Beautiful girl how did I leave you?
Beautiful temptress why did I follow you?
So I run. Run till the thoughts slip out
And I leave you all behind
Leave all my ghosts behind
Beautiful boy I wish you could see my eyes burn too
Read my thoughts and know me
Stubborn words that flow so easily from mind to mind
And hand to hand are trapped behind teeth
And so I remain silent and just breathe
And the small iron chunk around my neck
Pounds back and forth
A steady metronome to chart my sanity
Shoe soles hitting pavement
Gravel grinding into your soul
Beautiful child I never meant to hurt you
But silence. Silence is all that answers
And so I run

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