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Why do you read? Write us a Letter.


We hear lots of stories about how people’s high school friends or bosses or grandparents are reading the Genderqueer Chicago blog. And still, most of our submissions come from our own organizers, friends, and neighbors. Our community has grown a lot bigger than this blog represents. We want to know what that community looks like.

So, for the first time, we’re asking this of you: write us a letter. Tell us who you are and why you read.

Tell us where you come from and how you found us.

Maybe you’re a parent of a trans person, and you’re looking to learn more about your kid. Maybe you’re a gender-variant person living in a place where you don’t see a lot of other gender-variant people. Maybe you’re a teacher, trying to understand how to support queer students.

Whatever your deal is, whoever you are, wherever you are, we want to hear from you.

We’ll post all responses here, on the blog. You can write anonymously or sign your name (as long as you’re not outing someone else).

If you get stumped on what to say, think about the following:

-Why do you read this blog?

-How did you find the blog?

-What posts have been particularly relevant for you?

-What do you want to see on the blog?

-Have other people’s stories on the blog changed the way you think in some way? How?

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