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Forsaken Identity

by Ryan Rio

My body is breaking the construct of binary books on bullshit

My soul has been imprinted with the fluidity of Gods humor

No longer am I lost in the serum of manhood or the subject of an assumer

I never had high hopes of you seeing me as a man

I never claimed to be the patriarchal misogyny that sits on the tip of most dicks

I never said I wanted to be a man, don’t make that assumption

I am a masculine being. I am feminine by nature.

I don’t care for your pronouns for I am neither and both

My vaginal shaft ends at the base of my cock

My breast are perked with muscle

My voice is thick with happiness and shame

Everyone expects an explanation of my existence

Fuck you it won’t entertain

I cannot answer your questions coated in hate disguised by curiosity

I wonder if androgyny still holds beauty when it does not falter when my clothes are at my ankles

Yes I fall under your social umbrella that puts me in a box of trannies with no angles

My sex is intersex, my gender is queer

Like every other gay my rainbow is not on your spectrum

I am gender, its me motherfucker… everything and nothing.

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