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Howard Brown Issues Urgent Plea for Financial Support


It's rare (actually unheard of) that GqC advertises the fundraising efforts of any major organization, but Howard Brown will cease to operate in 50 days if we don't save it.

CEO, Jamal M. Edwards, issued this urgent request for financial assistance from the community. If Howard Brown cannot raise $500,000 by the end of the year, it will likely close its doors, shutting many in our community off from life-sustaining services that include...

-Gender-affirming/ accessible primary care
-Comprehensive mental health services
-Youth services through the Broadway Youth Center (drop-in programs, advocacy groups, workshops, food, showers, healthcare, STD testing, career development, laundry).
-Support groups
-HIV/AIDS services
-More than 20 public health studies
-Community safer-sex outreach
-Unprecedented support for being needing access to hormones
-Vital community programs

... and so much more.

Howard Brown also employs and works with countless LGBT and gender-variant individuals. Let's save the organization that has been saving all of us. You can donate here.
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