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It's TDoR Again

By Tori

It's TDoR again. Can't we skip it this year? Can't we have 1 year without murdered trans people? Knowing as many trans people as I do, and being trans myself, it's hard not to think selfishly and be grateful that it wasn't someone I'm close to. But in reality, these were all someone's family. These were children, siblings, parents, spouses, and friends. We need need to stand together today, but not just today. We need to make this our yearly day of resolutions. Today starts a new year, a new list. This year let's stand arm in arm and make sure no more lives are lost to ignorance and fear.

We fight this ignorance in strangers, and sometimes our own family and friends every day, but we need to extend our arms beyond our own borders. This year there were 91 murders in Brazil, six times more than any other country. Our efforts need to go, not only to whom we share blood and break bread with, but all the people that share our journey to be accepted as themselves. We should all endeavor to be remembered this year, not as an extinguished candle, but as a glowing beacon of solidarity and hope. Let this year be the year we pull together and protect our own, no matter where they call home.
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