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My Transition Timeline (so far)

By Ephemera

2006 September—I come to college and the queers gravitate towards me. I am very adamantly not a lesbian, but I like that they are friendly to me, so I go to their meetings.

2007 September—I start reading about identity politics and cultural criticism. I’m more interested in race and nationalism than gender.

2008 March—My good friend says to me “I know last time I checked in with you about this, you said no, but has anything change with your gender and how you identify?” and I say, “I guess so.”

2008 May—My girlfriend calls me genderqueer, and I am shocked.

2008 June—I start going to trans meetings for research purposes and get involved with trans organizing as an ally.

2008 July—I start binding (way too tightly).

2008 September—I move and donate all my girl clothes (which I hadn’t worn for years anyway) and all of the excessively baggy clothes I’ve been hiding in for years.

2008 October—I start trying out names with my girlfriend in private.

2008 November—I turn in term papers with a new name and change my Facebook name. I don’t ID as trans or request different pronouns. I am uncomfortable when people ask me about it, and most people avoid the topic entirely.

2008 January—I become outspoken about trans issues on my campus. Some people assume I’m trans, and some people are thoroughly clueless.

2009 May—I legally changed my name.

2009 May—I attend the Bash Back convergence. It’s liberating, mind-blowing, and also upsetting. I use neutral pronouns for the first time.

2008 May—Someone calls me a trans guy and I’m wierded out-I don’t want to change my body.

2009 June-August—I work in the activist community and intern with an LGBT organization. I am out but do not pass. The activists are welcoming and affirming, the LGBT organization is not.

2009 July—I come out to my family of origin. The results are very mixed.

2010 September—I start seeing a therapist so I can get a letter to go on hormones.

2010- October—I present workshops at neighboring colleges but am afraid of being outed at work where kids ask me uncomfortable questions and I try not to go to the bathroom.

2010-December—I graduate from college.

2010-January—I get the letter & begin T.

2010-February—I begin attending GQC meetings regularly. I feel at home and recognized in a way I’ve never felt before.

2010-June—I began first “adult” job. It’s the 1st environment where I pass.

2010- June—My voice cracks and it is embarrassing.

2010 July—My mother makes efforts to respect my new identity.

2010- August—My voice has lowered and I am satisfied with my body. I let myself act more femmy. I cut my hormone dose in half so that I can maintain but not continue to masculinize.

2010- September—I bind less frequently (a couple times a week) because I hate not being able to breathe, and I feel more comfortable about my body than I used to. I get more into feminism and gender activism.
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