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Trans and intersex themed films at Reeling Film Festival

There are some trans and intersex themed films showing this weekend at the Reeling film Festival that sound pretty interesting:

The Last Summer of La Boyita (El Último Verano de la Boyita)
Julia Solomonoff (Argentina, 2009, 93 minutes)
In Spanish, with English subtitles
...Instituto Cervantes
Friday, November 12, 2010
6:00 PM

A rare narrative with an intersexed protagonist, Last Summer of La Boyita is one of Reeling’s most anticipated films. This lush Argentinean film tells the story of Jorgelina, the young, beautiful and curious daughter of a wealthy Argentine doctor. On the path from childhood to adolescence, and on her quest for a companion, she meets Mario—a young, hard working farm boy on her family’s ranch. As Jorgelina and Mario spend their summer bonding, she discovers that Mario is not quite like the other boys...or the other girls. Fearing the shame it would bring upon himself and his family, Mario has kept this secret hidden from almost everyone he knows. With the help of his new friend, and her physician father, Jorgelina gets Mario the medical attention that could change his life.
Set in the charming and raw countryside of Argentina, the tweens depend on each other to learn valuable lessons in friendship, acceptance and lost innocence.

Full Description and trailer of The Last Summer of La Boyita: http://reelingfilmfestival.org/?page_id=77&event_id=47

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Other Nature (Tritiya Prakriti), Also Showing "Nobody Passes Perfectly"
Nani Sahra Walker (Nepal, 2009, 57 min.)
In Nepali, with English subtitles

Also Showing:
Nobody Passes Perfectly
Saskia Bisp (Denmark, 2009, 44 min.)
In Danish, with English subtitles
Chicago Filmmakers
Friday, November 12, 2010
7:00 PM

In the documentary Other Nature, two transgender friends journey to Muktinath—a holy temple where both Hindus and Buddhists pay homage—to pray for peace and human acceptance. The pilgrimage proves to be precarious with constant threats of landslides, flooded roads and Maoist violence. Often having to build their own roads as they drive, the audience sees their physical journey reflect the nature of the political and emotional struggle for equal rights. Shot in HD, Other Nature is a striking film with lush Himalayan landscapes, cascading rivers, crowded open-air markets, and ancient Hindu and Buddhist temples.

Nobody Passes Perfectly is a subtle, humorous and insightful documentary about growing and changing. Through a series of beautiful filmic tableaus, film director Saskia Bisp explores a world where gender is not a fixed and locked identity, but one only rooted in biology and a very personal part of oneself that can be challenged or changed. Following Tomka and Erik, both in different phases of their transitions, the film explores their joys, fears, and the basic personal truths that carry them through this step in their lives.
Two of the festivals most visually striking documentaries, both films explore the true nature of gender.


Our Gender Identities—short film program
Total: 83 min.
Film Row Cinema – Columbia College Chicago
Saturday, November 13, 2010
12:00 PM

In a world where bathroom doors only acknowledge a dual gender system, what about those that don’t conform to the binary? The characters in these short docs and narratives all break imposed gender boundaries, giving hope for a future where lines of sex and gender are recognized to be as fluid as they truly are.

Spiral Transition (Ewan Duarte, USA, 2010):
A mother’s perspective changes as she learns to accept her child as her son, not her daughter.

The Crossing (François Tessier, France, 2009):
Every day, a young woman boards a river cruise boat to gaze at the gruff captain; and when she learns that he’s leaving, it becomes urgent that she expresses her feelings.

Everyday to Stay (Chase Ryan Joynt, Canada, 2010):
A gritty and vulnerable glimpse into the lives of two couples as they navigate love, identity and commitment through one partner’s gender transition.

Remember Me in Red (Hector Ceballos, USA, 2010):
When a transwoman dies, her friends must figure out how to honor her when she is buried as a man by the parents who never knew about her transition.

I’m Just Anneke (Jonathan Skurnik, Canada, 2010):
Parents learn how to support their young child as she develops her gender identity, and accept her freedom to identify herself in any way she sees fit.

Amateur (Daniel Treviño, USA, 2009):
While floating on a lake, a boy meets a girl going through some changes. He must decide if the new friendship is worth the confusing circumstances.


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