Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dance your boobs off!

A cute, sober, queer gathering

There will be Burlesque!

And Drag Queens!
Koko Kristy!

Boob cupcakes

And some bands? Probably.

Anyways, just fucking come! It's a good cause (top surgery) and it'll be fucking fun.

Tuesday at 9:00pm2769 W Henry Ct Chicago, IL

Suggested donation at the door
No one gets turned a way for lack of funds

When the doctor is In, it's hard to be Out

In the wake of a recent meeting about gender and healthcare, I was pretty bummed to read this story about a transwoman ridiculed at a Muncie hospital.

Genderqueer Chicago readers, how can we educate folks in the medical community who lack information about transgender issues? What can we do to make ourselves more comfortable when doctors get genderfreakedout?

Send us your strategies at and I'll write up some tips for dealing with doctors as gender variant people. I'll post a list of strategies to the blog as a soon as I get a few responses!


Saturday, July 24, 2010

No GqC Meeting this Wednesday

I know, we're bummed, too. There's no safe space meeting this week!

However, we're still looking for South and West Side spaces, so we need a week off.

So, take a Wednesday and enjoy the beach.

We'll be back with something fun and special on August 4th!

Until then, send us a blog! E-mail us your poetry, stories, photos, etc to Please, include a title and the name you want it published under.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Shopping for Shorties!

Finding clothes that will fit my tiny, transmasculine self is always a struggle. The men's department doesn't exactly cater to 5'2" folks of any gender, and the boys department doesn't carry cute bootleg jeans for folks with extra curve to their hips.

For all the little guys out there, check out, a resource for "shorter men" (and those of us who like to wear boyclothes) that lists stores that carry extra small sizes! This website also provides information on measuring your waist and inseam so you can figure out your pants size. Fear clothing no more!

With littlefella solidarity,

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Come Support the Trans Bathroom Safety Project! This Thursday

Join us for the launch of the Illinois Transgender Bathroom Safety Project!

This Thursday
@ Berlin Nightclub
10pm- Oh my, that's past my bedtime.

This fundraiser for the Illinois Transgender Bathroom Safety Project will feature queertastic acts and good good times. And the best part? We're not asking YOU for money. Berlin is donating a cut of drink specials directly to the project. Door cover is $3.

A project of Genderqueer Chicago and Equality Illinois, the bathroom safety project asks business to sign commitments to not police gender-variant people from their restrooms. In turn, they will receive a window decal, so gender-variant people can find safe places in Chicago to pee!

Here's the info:

STARDUST VARIETY SHOW Featuring: Debbie Fox, Rocco Granite, Gender Bent Performers: Kyler Bushman, Rico Lengua, and Domino Toque, Puterbaugh Sisterz & Candy Lawrence, Tila Von Twirl, The Ripettes & Mark le Marque
w/ DJs: Jobot & Erik Roldan
$2 PBR $3 Berlin Bombs & $6 Jack Daniels
Hosted By Scott Cramer, Shaina Rose, Jenae, Rew & Bobby Pins

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fun In the Sun: Gender In the Summer!

Everything is a little different in the summer--we're happier, we're wearing less clothes, the gays are out to play, students are out of school and sometimes back in their hometowns, we sweat, we travel...and yes, we still think about gender, perhaps even moreso than before.

Join us for a discussion about gender in the summer THIS WEDNESDAY, July 21st at:
The Gerber/Hart Library (1127 W. Granville) 7:00pm-8:30

People of all gender identities are welcome. Researchers and journalists are not to attend in their professional capacities but may submit their inquiries to

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tell Us What Ya Want

I know it's summer and the last thing anyone wants to do is take a test. But what if I told you, you can say whatever you want, you won't be graded and your input will help make Genderqueer Chicago better? I'll save you the guilt trip.

It's 4 questions--seriously. Tell us what ya want

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


This weekend: go see QUEERTOPIA, About Face Theatre's fast-paced, youth-driven oral history project that investigates violence within and against the LGBTQ communities in America.

Shows are Thursday-Saturday at 7:30pm (except for Saturday. July 17th show @ 3pm), and Sunday at 3pm at the Center on Halsted.

One of our Genderqueer Chicago organizers will participate in a panel discussion after Saturday's performance.

For tickets, visit or call (866) 811-4111.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hormones Like Horoscopes- Safe Space Discussion This Weds!

No matter our gender identities, many of us are told that our emotions and personalities are controlled by hormones. Join us for a conversation about hormones, gender, and the myths about both.

This Wednesday The Gerber/Hart Library (1127 W. Granville) 7:00pm-8:30

People of all gender identities are welcome. Researchers and journalists are not to attend in their professional capacities but may submit inquiries to

Genderqueer Chicago is an inclusive community, and everyone wishing to take part is considered family.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

undoing the bible belt: the fagtastic tale of a chicago pride facedown

by mr. fabulous

Spouting the Truth through megaphones and gritted teeth, Antiqueers attack Chicago Pride. Biblical warnings loom on signs that barely scale the fleet of counter-protestors who block them, so they’re relying on jeers to reach the screaming queens.

Because they’ll definitely grab some gay attention when the street is awash with boys in briefs.

I’m not one of the usual folks you see at Pride—I’ve managed to avoid the house music and drunken gay boys for the past few years, queering it up at the Dyke March and sleeping in on Sunday. But when I found an opportunity to be in the parade itself, I gave Pride a second thought.

Now I’m part of the Gay masses.

Wading through empty bottles and rainbow beads, I squeeze down the sidewalk between the protestors and counter-protestors. I just danced my ass off danced my ass down the parade route, and my vintage booty shorts are looking a little ragged. But I still swish a little as I walk, reveling in the Superfag version of me that Pride elicits.

I blow kisses to the Very Serious CPD blockade, not planning to engage with the Church of the Hopeless Cause that squeals behind them. But Megaphone Man points a finger at my boyfriend and I, two fierce queers with a post-parade adrenaline high. Big fucking mistake.

So the Boy kisses me, locks lips right in front of the Church of the Hopeless and slips a heathen tongue straight into the Hellmouth. Turns out that PDA really gets under holy skin.

“You’re trying to make me SICK!” our spectator bellows, proceeding to describe our profane act like he’s getting off on it. We pull away and press our faces together, innocent smiles beaming up cardboard warnings of Eternal Damnation.

“Are you in love?” Megaphone Man asks us.

“Yes! We’re in love! So in love!” we reply, Cheshire Cat grins stretching cheeks into cuteness.

“The love of god is more powerful than the profane love of homosexuals! Your love is repulsive!” He goes on like this for a while, but his tirade is marked by a stifled smile. Yeah, we’re precious.

Mission accomplished.

As we begin to walk away, another protestor decides he won’t let us off that easy.

“You know, you still have time to be a real man,” he tells me earnestly. I stifle a laugh.

“Oh yeah. There’s still time.”

Guess he couldn’t tell that this Queen is of the transgender variety.

Sorry honey, you just got genderbent. Please undo your bible belt and go fuck yourself.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Beach Party TOMORROW

Just a reminder:

The Genderqueer Chicago beach party is taking off TOMORROW at 6pm at Hollywood Beach (near the Bryn Mawr stop on the red line). We're meeting near red brick building with bathrooms. Bring snacks, music, games, sand toys, friends, and your fabulous selves!

Hope to see you all there!

In the event of terrible weather (much like the weather we've had all Spring) like giant scary thunderstorms, hail, or raining meatballs, we'll re-schedule. Call 708-825-7199 if you're not sure.

Sunday, July 4, 2010



I roll genderqueer over my tongue
And glance at my ever-feminine face
Head shorn to cowlicked protrusions
Brows plucked, and tamed

Rampant patches of body hair grow
Stark juxtaposition to my rounded frame
Long and wiry leg hair
Cropped closely in between

The steel glint of scattered barbells
Catch my wandering eyes and hands
Giving rise to fire alarms
Against the soft and fleshy expanse

Temple to discrepancy
I’ve pieced myself together

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Genderqueer Chicago Beach Party!

Tired of the Malibu Barbies and Kens that flock Chicago beaches? Join a genderbending fleet of beach bums on Wednesday, July 7, for a Genderqueer Chicago beach party at Hollywood Beach (the beach closest to the Gerber-Hart Library)! Bring snacks, music, games, sand toys, or whatever else you might want.

The party starts at 6pm!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Comic: The Word "Gay" and Transphobia

By Joel (click to enlarge)

GqC Postpones South Side Meetings: Looking for a New Space!

Remember how we've been meeting on the North and South Sides of Chicago?

Well, we still want to do that. Unfortunately, Affinity Community Services has to relocate, and our meeting attendance in Hyde Park has been waning.

So here's the deal: GqC will continue to meet every other week at the Gerber/Hart Library (1127 W. Granville). But for now, we won't meet at Affinity. On off weeks, we're planning some awesome summer fun!

But we need your help! We need a space so that we can continue to meet every week, can continue to be accessible beyond the North Side, and can continue to build transformative relationships in our community!

We're looking for collaborative partnerships with a Trans/Queer friendly organizations on the South and West Sides of Chicago. We're hoping to work with organizations that will benefit from gender-variant programs and be able to provide our growing group with space and collaboration! Wow this post has so many exclamation marks!

Suggestions? Hit us up at

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