Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bathroom Project Gears Up to Launch!

This is the most exciting moment in our long gay history. Okay, maybe not the most exciting, but it's pretty big news!

Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor (as well as the generosity of lots of small donors as well as Berlin Nightclub), we have officially raised the necessary funds to print decals!

Now, we need your help!!! To learn more about the project, check out our Wikipage.

Shoot us an e-mail ( if you are one of the following:
-a person who wants to help distribute decals (please include your name, neighborhood, availability, and the best way to reach you)
-an organization that wants to team up and get involved
-a business owner who wants to be part of the launch!

Are you ready? Let's get to work!


  1. I am here to help and get involved... I will ask BQAC, Bisexual Queer Alliance Chicago at our Jan. 22 meeting if they want to help. Thank You from Br. Michael Oboza, the Queer

  2. Hey, I was just looking at your wikipage, and am wondering if the decal that will be posted on businesses' windows will include the trans-specific symbols (as on the wikipage) or not, as above? With the trans symbols around it, it seems to deliver a pretty direct (and wonderfully useful) msg. Without (as above), I am confused as to what exactly the image hopes to communicate (kinda just looks like gay ppl can wash their hands here, not specifically about gender-accessibility). Naturally, I would love to support this idea, but I wanna make sure I am really understanding what it is putting out there.


  3. Thanks, Br. Michael!

    And Thanks,V for your great question. The logo WILL include the Trans symbol as on the Wikipage. It will also state directly that in accordance with the Il. Human Rights Act, that the establishment has committed not to policy people out on the basis of gender.

    Of course, I hope that gay people can wash their hands there as well, but yes, without the symbol the message is a bit vague... :)


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