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CONFRONTATION: a safer space discussion!

Now that we've endured the blizzard and all the snow and ice that came with, it's time we return to our postponed meeting topic and discussion. WOOHOO!

Whether it be a name or a pronoun, your choice of hormones or attire, we all have to face it: confrontation, and it's not always easy. How does gender impact how we deal with confrontation? In what ways does the way we deal with confrontation vary from space to space and person to person? Often there's room for us to say "Hey, that doesn't work for me," but other times, it doesn't feel so easy. Inevitably we are faced with questions after coming out that feel confrontational, or we are forced to deal with others gender hang ups in the process of coming out to folks. Be it in ourselves or to others, we are often faced with the challenge, maybe even the guilt of having to come out, answer the tough questions and stand up for ourselves. Come join us for a safer space discussion on confrontation this Wednesday.

Access Living (115 W. Chicago)
7-8:15pm (we start and end on time)

Genderqueer Chicago welcomes ALL people who want to think and talk about their genders, with the slight exception of researchers and reporters in their professional capacities (aka, we're not your homework...).

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