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by Dee

My motto about gender is:

You'll never know if a shoe fits unless you try it on.

Lately, I've been trying on a lot of different shoes.

Some days my preferred pronoun is singular-they. Some days it's "she". Occasionally I like my bulging triceps.

It's possible I'll never settle on just one pair of shoes.

I'm afraid that if I wear the same shoes for too long, my friends will expect me to wear the same style forever. But sometimes I change shoes just because I don't want to admit to myself that I like one pair better than the others.

Is gender really that important? "The shoes make the man" supposedly. But they shouldn't -- there is far more to my personality than my gender or my sexuality. But I spend so much time thinking about shoes, that must mean it's important to me, right? Or maybe it's that people give my shoes more consequence than they deserve.

The only thing I'm sure of: I hid my shoes in the closet for far too long.
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