Saturday, February 26, 2011

T-Friendly Bathroom Decal Distribution Day

Join T-Friendly Bathroom Initiative Organizers for a Decal Distribution Day on Saturday, March 5th in Lakeview. Volunteers will meet up in the lobby at the Center on Halsted for a brief training. Then we'll take on the neighborhood!

Saturday, March 5th
Lakeview--meet at Center on Halsted (3656 N. Halsted)

How does the T-Friendly Bathroom Initiative work?
The process is simple. We'll be providing pledges to business owners and organizations, asking them to commit to keeping their restroom facilities welcoming of all genders. If they sign the pledge, we give them a decal, which will signal to the world that this establishment has pledged not to police patrons out of restrooms based on gender.

What will volunteers be expected to do on Distribution Day?
Volunteers will approach businesses owners and ask them to sign the T-Friendly Bathroom Pledge. We'll give you all the information you'll need at the training to answer their questions Don't worry if you're shy--you'll be traveling with buddies!

Where can I learn more about the T-Friendly Bathroom Initiative?
Check out our wikipage.


  1. As a genderqueer person, it really warms my heart to see things like this popping up. It's nice to feel safe and accepted - bathrooms don't say "people with penises" and "people without," they say "men" and "women" and should be treated as such. :)

  2. It was really good to see one of these stickers at the Common Cup on Morse while visiting my aunt here in Rogers Park.


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