Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mutigenerational Dialogue THIS SATURDAY

Join the Broadway Youth Center and About Face Youth Theatre for a story exchange that will bring together LGBTQ people of various ages to participate in a conversation about our past, present and future. We encourage transgender and gender variant folks to document your stories and contribute them to About Face Youth Theatre’s next oral history project about trans identity. Come build community by sharing experience of living Queer Then and Queer Now!

Saturday, April 2
RSVP for location details

Food will be provided at the end of the day, and CTA passes will be available to those needing help with transportation.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Education: A safer space discussion

Education, it isn't just about classrooms and textbooks, it happens in everyday situations and can be asked for or offered. Often we're asked to educate others, whether it be on issues of race, gender, sexual orientation etc. Many are asked to, or demanded to, speak for a group as a whole. This can be difficult as we may not have all the answers ourselves and do not wish to speak for other people's experiences. The pressure placed on us to always educate others can be daunting and may wear us out, if we do it too often. Other times we might want to educate others, but they may not be willing to listen and we just end up frustrating ourselves.

Join us for a safer space discussion about our your own experiences with educating others or your thoughts on it.

Wednesday, March 30th
7-8:15pm (we start and end on time)
Access Living- 115 W. Chicago

Genderqueer Chicago is an inclusive community, and all folks interested in talking about gender are welcome. Researchers and reporters are forbidden from attending in their professional capacities but can e-mail organizers at

Free Workshop TODAY: Gender and the Prison-Industrial Complex

Illustrating Intersections:

Gender and the Prison-Industrial Complex

A workshop featuring the Beehive Collective

Sunday, March 27

1-4 pm

Chicago Freedom School

719 S. State Ste. 3N

Please join the Chicago Freedom School, the Chicago Prison-Industrial Complex Teaching Collective and Maine’s Beehive Collective for an interactive Communiversity event about the intersections between prisons, policing, and gender. We’ll use illustrations, posters, and photographs to deepen our analysis of how the PIC targets queer and trans people in specific ways, and to discuss the impacts of imprisonment on women, trans people, and gender non-conforming people who get caught up in this system of violence.

The Beehive Collective will also give a brief tour of their incredible poster about mountaintop removal mining in the Appalachians, and we will learn ways to use illustrations to teach and learn about social justice issues.

This event is FREE and ALL AGES

Please RSVP to

Brought to you by the Chicago Freedom School and the Chicago PIC Teaching

With the Beehive Design Collective:

Sunday, March 20, 2011

STRESS! A safer space discussion

"Pressure and stress is the common cold of the psyche." - Andrew Denton

We all deal with it at one point or another, regardless of gender or sexual identity. Mix that in and it can almost feel like the world is crashing down on you! How stressful is it navigating your identity? In what ways do you deal with stress? Join us for a safer space discussion this Wednesday at Access Living:

Wednesday, March 23rd
7-8:15pm (we start and end on time)
Access Living- 115 W. Chicago

Genderqueer Chicago is an inclusive community, and all folks interested in talking about gender are welcome. Researchers and reporters are forbidden from attending in their professional capacities but can e-mail organizers at

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Interview with Dean Sapde

Check out Dean Spade, an openly transgender law professor and founder of the transformative Sylvia Rivera Law Project, talking about the limits of legal inclusion in mainstream advocacy groups and the possibility for social change without the reliance on large scale funding.


LGBTQA YOUTH Community Garden Project (TODAY!)

We are a group of four young, queer individuals interested in using food as a vehicle for social justice. To begin to achieve this goal, we are developing a queer-centered, youth-focused urban garden and grassroots-organizing space in Chicago, aiming to launch the summer of 2012.

We are currently seeking LGBTQA people of all ages, races, abilities, and economic backgrounds, with and without farming experience, who are interested in joining the project.

If you are interested in attending or have questions, please send your RSVPs and inquiries to or text (802) 676 0153

about the scar tissue.

i told you once about the scar tissue. how i imagined them half moon smiling, a productive rope of sutures reshaping the boundaries of the body. but i didn't know how it would be; could just imagine the other scars peeled off and re-affixed on top of ribcage, under arch of collarbone and foundation of sternum.

but here is how it is: the ropes are still candy pink licorice and when he presses his fingers into them and asks can you feel this? they turn into sticky sugar whips hugged around my torso. the hair has grown back and then some in soft dark fur. it creeps up from my belly and sits newly welcomed on the convex of muscle.

here is how it is: the soft rub of the cotton against the skin; the nipples no longer tender or nerve-end-reattaching-prickly. the posture of the body is slowly straightening, the shoulders their own body part now, more than acting as an unstable framework for decaying tissue.

they want me to tell you it is a different body. they want me to tell you this body had to be reassigned, dismantled and recreated.

instead i will tell you this body is the same, welcoming itself back into the world after a quiet rest. i will tell you this body, once adorned in dresses and breasts, fake fur and feathers, is the same body that still appears in certain dreams.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Thailand's Got Talent Contestant Comes Out... in Song

Check out this incredible video of a Thailand's Got Talent contestant who woos the audience with a beautiful voice.... and then makes the crowd go wild when she drops it a register.

Apparently, the audience didn't know she was trans. But they don't seem to mind. In fact, they're downright affirming in this really really sweet video.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Traditions! Traditions! This Wednesdays Safer Space Discussion

What kind of traditions do you have? Are they deep seeded in family history? Embedded in your culture? Or, are your traditions new, self proclaimed rituals that give way to meaning in solely your life? How have traditions, of your present and past, shaped you? How does it relate to gender and to your own transformations as a person? Join together with us, in our tradition, for this weeks safer space discussion meeting on Wednesday!

Wednesday, March 16
Gerber/Hart Library (1107 W. Granville)

People of all ages and abilities are encouraged to attend! Reporters are asked not to attend in their professional capacities, but may contact for more information.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Check It Out: Queer (In)Justice

I just discovered this rad book about queer folks in the criminal-legal system by Joey Mogul, Andrea Ritchie, and Kay Whitlock.

"Drawing on years of research, activism, and legal advocacy, Queer (In)Justice is a searing examination of queer experiences—as “suspects,” defendants, prisoners, and survivors of crime. The authors unpack queer criminal archetypes—like “gleeful gay killers,” “lethal lesbians,” “disease spreaders,” and “deceptive gender benders”—to illustrate the punishment of queer expression, regardless of whether a crime was ever committed. Tracing stories from the streets to the bench to behind prison bars, the authors prove that the policing of sex and gender both bolsters and reinforces racial and gender inequalities. A groundbreaking work that turns a “queer eye” on the criminal legal system, Queer (In)Justice illuminates and challenges the many ways in which queer lives are criminalized, policed, and punished."

You can get your own copy of Queer (In)justice at Chicago's own feminist bookstore Women and Children First. Happy reading!


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Trans Frontwoman Nomi Ruiz & Jessica 6 Sing Out for TNG March 8, 2011

From The New Gay:

New York-based queer musicians Jessica 6 sing out against abuse and misunderstanding in this exclusive featuring their track “Even the Heartless.”

Lead singer and transwoman Nomi Ruiz had this to say about the song’s relevance to LGBT youth dealing with bullying and isolation:

“The song is about being brought back to an abusive relationship and realizing that even a heartless abuser is human after all. I think it gives victims of any type of abuse physical, mental, verbal, being bullied, etc. something to relate to. It lets them know that they are not alone. We are all in this together and we should always reach for the light on the other side of the dark.”

Jessica 6 joins musical groups like The New Pornographers, Chris Pureka, and Free Energy in pairing with TheNewGay to deliver anti-suicide messages to queer youth as part of the It Gets Better project.

The video is also available on youtube:

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

How High School Proms Became Battlegrounds for Gender Identity Rights :: EDGE Dallas

Interesting article about high schools and trans people. In recent years there has been a lot of talk about proms where trans-folk are being nominated and winning king and queen. Then the school says that the votes are not valid... so read up!

How High School Proms Became Battlegrounds for Gender Identity Rights :: EDGE Dallas

Monday, March 7, 2011

GqC Policy Page is Up!

In in interest of keeping GqC as safe a community as possible, we're publishing some "policies" for the blog and safe space meetings. All of these are old news, but seeing them in one place sure is helpful.

To see the page, click here!

Also, if you think of things you'd like to see added, e-mail

Big Hearts,
GqC Organizers

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Let's Talk About Sex: Part 2

Join us for a space meeting as we discuss sex and gender for a second week!

Weds. March 9
7-8:15pm (we start and end on time)
Access Living- 115 W. Chicago

Genderqueer Chicago is an inclusive community, and all folks interested in talking about gender are welcome. Researchers and reporters are forbidden from attending in their professional capacities but can e-mail organizers at

Friday, March 4, 2011

Photo of the Day: Claude Cahun

Here's a self-portrait of one of my favorite gender-bending artists, Claude Cahun, a French photographer and the writer known for their surrealist work in the '20s and '30s.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Thinking About Writing About Trans People...

Some days, I want to start a contest to see if a single reporter out there can write a story about transgender/ gender-variant people without saying something offensive. Cynical? Maybe. But seriously, articles that respect the identities of gender non-conforming people are few and far between.

As a reporter, I find this trend a little frustrating.

Lately, the T-Friendly Bathroom Initiative has received tons of press. That's great! But we hope that those who are writing about important gender-variant issues are also doing a bit of homework on the right ways to talk about these things.

Perhaps surprisingly, the GLAAD media guide is really helpful here. I've been sending it along to a lot of reporters lately. I have been wondering, in terms of gender identity, what would you add to it? Or change? How can we make this resource (the most widely used by reporters writing on gender) better?


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