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Boy or Girl?


by Fabrielle C. Schroeder:

Excuse me, do you have ovaries?


I really like you

But im not quite sure what parts you have

I like your hair

And I like the way you talk

And I’m sure I want to touch whatever is in your pants

But how do I ask

What exactly that is?

And you started to talk dirty to me

But when you asked what I wanted you to do to me, I didn’t know how to respond.

Because it all depends on whether you pee standing up or sitting down.


And with a name like Shannon or Chris, how am I supposed to know?

I try to wait and watch when you go to the bathroom

But you never go when we are out

The way your hair just barely falls into your green eyes

Make me swear it doesn’t matter

I will work whatever tools with which you are equipped


And I introduce you as my love interest

And you look over at me and stifle a laugh

And I hold your hand

And don’t tell you its because by date three I still haven’t figured it out.

Do you have ovaries?

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