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"Lighting a Candle for Trans Solidarity" Vigil: Tomorrow Night!

The DePaul LGBTQA community will hold a vigil to promote awareness of transphobic violence on DePaul's Lincoln Park Campus' Quad area on Fullerton Parkway and Seminary Ave. at 9:30 PM. According to the event organizers,

"This issue was brought to our attention after the recent attack to Chrissy Lee Polis. Polis deserves our gathering to show that we will not forget the injustice that plagued her, we will not let hate crimes go unnoticed and that we as a community support her and her fight for justice.

"We will gather together to send a message of love, hope, and support to all transgender individuals who have had to suffer at the hands of hate. Chrissy Lee Polis was the most recent attack victim but she is not the only one. However, with hope we can make her the last one."

Check out the Facebook event page here. http://www.facebook.com/NoaDesu?cropsuccess#!/event.php?eid=210647235624637

A few of GqC folks are planning on heading to the event after this week's safe space meeting at the Gerber-Hart Library. Travel buddies are more than welcome!
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