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Safe Space Meeting: Objects of the past


As we go through life we leave behind impressions of ourselves in various objects. These can be objects like photographs, writings, or an old pair of sneakers you keep because even though they might not fit you, they can still get you someplace you don't want to forget. These memories need not be happy ones, they might even may seem more distant then the time that separates, they might seem utterly alien to us now. We might look back and smile or just sigh contemplatively. Whatever the reason, many of us keep these object, many of us cherish these objects. Join us for a safer space discussion about the kinds of objects and memories you keep.

This Wednesday, May 25
Access Living (115 W. Chicago)
7pm sharp until 8:15pm

Please Note: Genderqueer Chicago is open to everyone interested in talking/ thinking through personal gender issues. The group is strictly closed to researchers and reporters in their professional capacities. For inquiries, please email genderqueerchicago@gmail.com


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