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Chemical X

by Mikey

When I was younger

Mother told me a rhyme
About all the things
That defined me.

She said sugar and spice
And everything nice
Was exactly where I belonged.

But I think something happened
On the way there
And whatever it is changed me so

Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup
Have a similar tale
That “extra ingredient”

I’m just not the same
Even I knew it
Why couldn’t I be like everyone else?

Years have gone by
And I’ve come to realize
I’m not the only one

It isn’t just me
Confused with my body
My mind a trainwreck
Of hormones and thoughts

Everyone has
Their own special chemical
That ‘Chemical X’
It makes us who we are

No matter your gender
No matter your race
Be proud that you have
Your own soul ingredient
You are who you are
And no one can take that
No one can alter
Your ‘Chemical X’

So to all of you out there
Who just “don’t belong”
Take your ingredient
Don’t ever let go

And you can be the most wonderful recipe the world has ever seen.

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