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GqC with Gerber/Hart this Sunday at Pride


For the second year, Gerber/Hart has graciously invited Genderqueer Chicago be with them in the Pride Parade.

All GqC-ers and friends are welcome. Here are the details:

Gerber/Hart is contingent #42 (out of 240). We congregate on the west side of Clark Street. The contingent in front of us is the Chicago Public Library, and the contingent in back of us is Rush Pride. Line-up should be near the Walgreens.

The library will not have a float or car.

We will start congregating anytime after 11:00 AM.

Please note: the parade can be long and strenuous! Please come prepared (water, sunscreen, etc.)

Also, if you are someone who wants to bring a sign, please e-mail GqC and let us know (so that we don't bring too many extras!). We might have a sign-making party, depending on interest...
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