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GqC Clothing Swap Re-cap

We want to thank everyone who came out to the GqC clothing swap for making it such a successful event. We would also like to thank Mess Hall in Rogers Park for being such amazing hosts!

The amount of clothes was staggering and most people, myself included, took away some amazing re-purposed finds! Also Howard Brown benefited from the event as all the clothes which were not taken were donated to the Brown Elephant. There were a lot of clothes to haul, all for a good cause.

Lots of people came out: some to donate clothes, some to get some clothes for themselves, some just to hang out and listen to music (I was the DJ and was taking requests) and have good conversation! We will definitely plan future clothing swaps so if you missed this one just come to the next. If you have ideas for future clothing swaps (or any other events), especially ones with hosting places not on the north side, drop us an email, genderqueerchicago at gmail dot com.

Thanks everyone!

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