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Trans*portation: A safer space discussion

Queers, transfolk, gender-benders, self-identified freaks, ...and at least one or two "normal" people take public transit or ride bikes to get from here to there. Weird looks, inaccessible transit, violence, or being mis-gendered because its cold outside and you are Chicago-style layered are a few of the issues that may arise.

How do you transit in this world and navigate the advantages and pitfalls? Do you travel in groups? What do you do when this is not possible? Are you one of those people who can't stand sitting backwards on the train?

Join us for a talk about whatever you want about being on the move.

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011


Gerber/Hart Library (1107 W. Granville)

Safer space meetings are strictly closed to researchers and reporters in their professional capacities. Meetings are open to anyone else wanting to talk and think about gender! For more info, give us a shout at genderqueerchicago@gmail.com!


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