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Got Talent? Actors Wanted!


Madsen Minax, one of the fabulous people who brought you Riot Acts: Flaunting Gender Deviance in Musical Performance, is seeking actors for a new film. Think you've got what it takes? Here's a message from the filmmaker:

Hey all,

I'm a trans identified artist/filmmaker currently seeking trans and gender non-conforming actors for a short experimental film project. Interests explored in the project include nonlinear transformation, dystopias, alternative kinship structures, puberties, homoerotics, nostalgia and voice. The usual suspects.

The script is composed of appropriated excerpts from Hollywood films, primarily coming of age stories, and will be compiled together in a collage-type format. Upon completion this work will screen at film festivals, and possibly some universities throughout the US and abroad.

Henceforth this production has operated with an all queer crew, and folks who are passionate about the ideas at hand.

Though the narrative is highly experimental, there is memorization required. Not likely to be more than 2 script pages per performer. There is no cash payment available, but I am open to discussion of trades of services.

On set experience, and adventure promised. No acting experience necessary, just desire to be involved. :)

The shoots will take place over one weekend in mid December 2011 and will require some travel to be determined. Your cost of food, transport and lodging (if required) will be covered.

There are 5 principle roles open. We will also need some secondary and some extras. There will be some sort of low-key audition of sorts TBD the last week of November 2011.

* Trans people of color, different abilities and young people especially welcome.

Please write to madsenwashere (at) gmail.com



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