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Queer Rights March Planning Meeting!

As some of you may have heard, on Saturday, April 21st, Chicago will be taking place in a worldwide effort to raise awareness to injustices, both socially and systematically, that LGBTQQIAAP identified folks are subjected to. The overall purpose for the event is as follows:

"This is an event that everyone needs to put aside all differences and come together as one unified LGBT Community, along with our straight allies, as this event will definitely drive home the point worldwide that the LGBT are poised to demand and acquire our full civil rights that all other sectors of society enjoy, as well as live within the same laws and guarantees enjoyed by all other citizens, including marriage equality."

"The Chicago march shares the same goal, though I personally would like for there to be more visibility from the rest of the LGBTQQIAAP (lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, ally, and pansexual) family. Most groups tend to focus on the L, G, B, and T (even though the T is often overlooked) and forget that there are more than just those three or four identities that are also marginalized and oppressed." - Noa Shayden, Lead Organizer of the Chicago event.

There will be an open organizational meeting on Thursday, March 22nd. All are welcome, and ENCOURAGED, to attend to be a part of the event planning process. The goal for this meeting is to include as many different folks and as much community feedback as possible and that can't happen unless folks show up!

Please email Noa at noa.shayden@gmail.com or RSVP on Facebook to get the address for the meeting.
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