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TranSquat App

Billy wrote to us:
Friends, and friends of iPhone. Hi, my name is Billy. I come from Chicago. I wrote an iPhone app called TranSquat. In a nutshell, it is a gender neutral bathroom finder that locates bathrooms that are gender free relative to your current location. You can search, add and share safe locations. It was written by and for the trans community. It is powered by data from safe2pee. You can help build the app by downloading and adding locations in your own communities. 
On a personal note, I wanted to write an app for the trans community.... It is also my fundraising goal to get 3000 downloads to help finance my top surgery with Dr. Charles Garramone...hopefully later this year. Please help support the trans community and help me reach this goal by downloading this app. As of now, I only need 2984 more to go!!! If you could share this with others whom might find this app useful and would like to support this project that would be much appreciated too!!!

 The TranSquat app can be downloaded here.
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