Friday, December 7, 2012

A Request from the Transformative Justice Law Project of Illinois

The Transformative Justice Law Project does free name-change mobilizations for trans people at the Daley Center on the last Friday of every month, among their many services aimed towards where gender-nonconforming collide with the law. Please help them out if you can!

Hello Friends of TJLP!

As a volunteer-run organization, we rely almost entirely on community support to sustain our prison abolition activism and holistic legal advocacy for criminalized trans and gender nonconforming folks. This holiday season, we are asking our friends and allies for stamps in order to correspond with our incarcerated clients, as well as CTA cards to help our clients on the outside with vital transportation needs. Even one CTA card will help folks get to and from our office! If you have access to these supplies, please mail them to us at:

Transformative Justice Law Project
4707 N. Broadway, Suite 307
Chicago, IL 60640

Thank you for the generous support -- ABOLITION NOW!

In Solidarity and Gratitude,
TJLP Collective

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