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Winter Blues


Now it's getting to be the time of year where the sun sets in the afternoon and it's not uncommon for people to get a little wilty, some to the degree that it's Seasonal Affective Disorder. As the weather gets colder there are fewer opportunities to comfortably be outside, and snow adds an extra element of danger while traveling for those of us with mobility issues. However cold weather brings a break from some potentially stressful situations: There are very few pool parties and beach days during Chicago winter, and when we're all bundled up under 17 layers, everyone's gender presentation is "warm". Tonight we'll chatting about how we can avoid unwanted isolation, check in with ourselves about depression, and what else we need to thrive during the upcoming season.

The silly question is: "What would be in your ideal blanket fort?"
Wednesday, December 30th, 7:00pm to 8:15pm
Center on Halsted, 2nd Floor (Room 202)
3656 N. Halsted St. 

Genderqueer Chicago is as safe a space as we can make it. To help with this, we have some working agreements that we would like all who come to meetings to keep in mind while within our safe space meetings. Please check out our working agreements here.
Safe space meetings are strictly closed to researchers and reporters in their professional capacities. Meetings are open to anyone else wanting to talk and think about gender! For more info, give us a shout at genderqueerchicago@gmail.com!
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