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Community Discussion Meeting, Business, Etc.

Come one, come all!

Our first community discussion meeting will be held:

Wednesday, August 5 from 7:00pm- 8:45 (7-7:30 is mingling/ meet and greet for first meeting)
at The Gerber/Hart Library http://www.gerberhart.org/
1127 West Granville Avenue • Chicago, Illinois 60660
The library is easiest to access from the Red Line Granville stop.

GLN (Gay Liberation Network) will be meeting on August 5th in the library. Simply enter the library and make a right into the room where Genderqueer Chicago meets. This overlap in meetings will not be permanent, so if you are wanting to participate in both groups, fear not.

Meetings will be held bi-weekly, usually at the Gerber/Hart, which has offered us a free space in a private room. We also intend to hold a few meetings on the south side, so that folks who live south can more easily access the group. All meetings will be announced well in advance.

See this mini- schedule:
August 12- Group Meeting at Gerber/Hart 7pm (meetings starts at 7:30)
August 19- Group Meeting at Gerber/Hart 7pm
August 26- Community film Screening at Gerber/Hart 7pm TBA

Group discussions are intended to serve as a support space for folks wishing to question their own gender identity/ expression, but folks who do not feel the need for such a space are asked and encouraged to participate in Genderqueer Chicago through activism, organizing, and education. Genderqueer Chicago is an inclusive community, and anyone wishing to take part is considered family.

Meetings are free and open. However, the library has asked us to pass around a change jar in an effort to keep the lights on for us. If you can spare a quarter or two to help them keep this free community space open, please do. If not, that's also okay.

At our first meeting, we will do short introductions, group updates, discuss what each of us is looking for in a safe space, and then meet. Depending on the turnout, we may break into small discussion groups.

In the meantime, remember that you are welcome to submit a blog to the community page. www.genderqueerchicago.blogspot.com

See you in August!
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