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War Song

By Desiree Gales

How I want war
Being taught how to steal a carton of cigarettes
only at 13

I want war because
because this is the only song
I Know how to sing

Oppression Oppression
anger and hate are my
waves of nodes

Peace is not a word I have not defined yet
Integrity is another language foreign to my policy

Character , Compromise
Character , Compromise

I am not excusing myself from my actions
I am locating the truth of my location
to think that I am above
the homeless person on the street.
the iraq war soldier
the proud ceo
I would lose my soul

WE must set right what was wrong
we must have justice
not vindicate , not oppress and suppress
but look each other in the eye with hope
with a message

From asshole to activist algebra has accrued
Take Note :
Mother Teresa was a rich woman
gave it all for the house of dieing
even denied the pope a house in vadicant city

Justice does not kill
Justice restores
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