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By: D. Gales

we bring you here
To ask you
are you the same person for the

Can you lie to your self
as you fall asleep in you bed
then to a your grave

we bring you here
in the Dignity Court of self
To ask you
Are you glad with your life
Are you at peace
can you sing me a song of serenity

Sonnets I tell you
For we have been made
to dance in life's fields
and make dreams not be delayed

In our hearts
for we have the same
It beats for justice
and not for shame

One is what I Cry for
not me
no you
leaving the chemical them
becoming one

Time Time
Time will be
for time time will set us free
How I want to look you in the
Eyes and to know that we are true
that we sing harmonious sonnets

I want to fill that grave that no mortal should fill
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