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Asheville Transgender Remembrance Weekend- November 20th-21st


A close friend/ ally brought this to our attention, and it looks pretty wonderful. Perhaps GqC should plan a field trip? ...

From the website:

"Asheville Transgender Remembrance Weekend is more than a memorial for those who have been lost; it is an all inclusive event that strives to celebrate people of all gender variant identities and existences, from transsexual to gender queer, androgynous to intersex, and beyond. It is a call to all members of the community to step out from behind fear and guilt and to be proud of the gift that transgender is; a rally cry to defy the idea that violence is an inevitable part of transgender life. It is an invitation to all people to learn about the intricacy and beauty of a community made up of a diverse, strong and wholly relevant people. Most of all it is a celebration of the vibrant and beautiful people who make up the transgender community."
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