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Glitter and Lipstick traces. A summary of my Toilet Revolution

I was sitting on the beach, looking out over the water when a very curious and ridiculously adorable young person peeked out over the side of the bench.
"How come youre dressed like that? BOYS are supposedto wear ties and vests"
I smiled.
"Well, sometimespeople are more than just boys or girls."I replied.
Suddenly this little creature staring up at me got very serious. Eyes wide and lips trembling, it formed a question...
"Like faeries?" it held its breath
And this is it, this was the moment when everything clicked for both of us. I reached down to the pouch on my belt. I grabbed a pinch of my glitter and i leaned down...
"Exactly like faeries." A wink and a blow.

The revolution began a few days early. In that little creature, a spark of hope.

The whole point of this little Restroom Revolution was to start a conversation.
I feel like a lot of people simply are'nt aware that there are more than two ways to "be". and that regardless of those...we all need to pee.

I started my day at a coffee shop. I actually headed strait for the can. No one stopped me on my way to the mens room, and there was glitter on the floor.

At a restaurant, when I inquire about the restroom I am directed to the "ladies room". I search out the other. No incident.
I use the ladies room next.
"Excuse me"
"Oh, sorry,I thought you were a boy."
"Im Peter.Is there a problem?"
"Youre?...This is the line for the womens room."
"Is it? I thought it was the line for the toilet?"
I shut the door behind me. I leave glitter on the floor.

Later in the evening, my lover leaves the table to use the "mens room". I am inexplicably nervous. When she returns we have an amazing conversation. The reaction to being in a "male" space, when she herself did not "pass" was visceral.
I smile at her. She gives me a nod of understanding.
I will have this conversation with twelve more people.

I use the "mens room".
"Hey! This is the mens room!"
"I know."
he lets me pee.

I use a "ladies room".
"I read about this. Toilet theater, right?"
you've got to be kidding.
"Um...yeah...HI, Im Peter."
"Yeah, my friend made me read that blog. You know what? Im gonna hit the ladies room right now. Good luck, Peter."
He leaves me flabbergasted.

I use a "mens room"
my entrance receives quite an intimidating look.
I point. "Toilet?"
A nod.
"Thank you."

Waiting in line.
"Are these both taken?"
"Oh we're waiting for the "womens room"."
I open the door tho the mens room and flip on the light.
"Looks like a place to piss to me."
I hold the door open.
Threshold crossed. I wait for the next available lou.

And there it is. It wasnt so scary, or "In Your Face".
Just peein. oy.
So maybe next time youre about to confront someone when their already in an uncomfortable situation...youll think to yourself
"they must be a fairy."
its true.
Viva la Revolucion

thank you to those who participated...it was an amazing birthday

this is an adventure
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