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What's this about Toilet Revolution?


The Toilet Revolution is a city-wide theatre event intended to challenge gendered bathrooms and the policing of gender non-conforming people who get accosted when trying to pee.

And it's this Saturday! All Day! Oh, oh my!

Accosted while trying to pee?

Yep. Everyday, gender-alternative people are questioned, berated, mocked, glared at, and barred from public restrooms because someone's perception of their gender doesn't match up with the "shirt" and "suit" pictures on gendered bathrooms. Bathrooms should be safe for everyone, no matter their gender identity and presentation.

How do I get involved?
Easy. Pick a gendered bathroom. Or a few on Saturday. Enter a bathroom in a public space that you feels challenges conceptions of gender.

Be Safe.
Go with a buddy, and don't put yourself in danger. If you're cis male-bodied and male-identified, be sensitive to who is around you.

And repeat.
Do this over and over again if you have time and feel safe.

Spread the word.

Tell your friends. And tell them to tell their friends.

Write about it.
We'll be posting written reactions/ thoughts/ feelings/ images/ and videos from your experience! If you want to contribute, send your responses to genderqueerchicago@gmail.com

Also, Peter, co-founder of GqC, celebrates his 26th on Saturday. So send him some love!
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