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Education: A safer space discussion


Education, it isn't just about classrooms and textbooks, it happens in everyday situations and can be asked for or offered. Often we're asked to educate others, whether it be on issues of race, gender, sexual orientation etc. Many are asked to, or demanded to, speak for a group as a whole. This can be difficult as we may not have all the answers ourselves and do not wish to speak for other people's experiences. The pressure placed on us to always educate others can be daunting and may wear us out, if we do it too often. Other times we might want to educate others, but they may not be willing to listen and we just end up frustrating ourselves.

Join us for a safer space discussion about our your own experiences with educating others or your thoughts on it.

Wednesday, March 30th
7-8:15pm (we start and end on time)
Access Living- 115 W. Chicago

Genderqueer Chicago is an inclusive community, and all folks interested in talking about gender are welcome. Researchers and reporters are forbidden from attending in their professional capacities but can e-mail organizers at genderqueerchicago@gmail.com.


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