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shape shifter


By: mr anon

I've been tackling space

fighting with silence

bleeding between worlds

lamp posts and cigarette butts

the woman upstairs is loud

and it doesn't sound good

he tells me I am safe here

but I'm scared

I worry often times my body -

becomes invisible

I play with words like my pronouns

don't matter

but they are intangible to my latest sexual partner

he retreats and corrects the way he's expected to treat me

so my body is seen in the ways he's respected

the pieces melt into blurry memories of

what's true

often times I get confused

how do I fit here

and then I remember

I do not fit easily into your visions for me

I do not scramble to fulfill your fantasy

I will not be humbled by your ignorance of me

I slip easily into word play

I shift quickly to avoid no boundary

but i will keep you here, way up here

and I won't hold you but remain


in the comfort of my own

missing, ambiguous, non conforming

boundless yet bound, changing identity

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