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Inherently Deceptive: Heterosexist views of gender bending

Androgynous fashion model Andrej Pejic was "awarded" a spot on FHM's list of "the 100 sexiest women in the world." Andrej's page, which was full of dehumanizing, homobigoted, and transbigoted comments, was then removed from the list.

Relevant articles is here [styleite.com] and here [fashionotes.com]
[TRIGGER WARNING: Articles contain the bigoted FHM writeup]

What got me the most angry (just the most mind you) was the theme of deception. How has Andrej, who models both men's and women's fashion deceiving anyone? Andrej just seems to be being Andrej, and that's fantastic no matter what!

I'm unclear on how Andrej identifies, but in all the articles I can find Andrej is refereed to with he/him pronouns and I'm unsure as to whether Andrej identifies in some way as trans*. Lea T, a transgender fashion model, was also mentioned in the writeup and implicated as being similarly deceptive. So it seems that gender-variant people can't win; if they disclose their history or not, they are inherently deceptive regardless. We're a threat to the heteronormative order. At least that's the message I got from FHM's writeup.

FHM's response makes things worse not better.

FHM's "apology" is only that they placed Andrej Pejic on the list. This may be worth apologizing for if Andrej did not want to be placed on a list specifically for for women. However, that is unclear and it may be that Andrej did not mind being included on the list. I don't have that information. However, FHM's apology was realistically more directed at FHM's readers for confusing their binary world view.

FHM did not apologize for the degrading comments they made in their own writeup.

Thanks FHM, for missing the point. Entirely.

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