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Transgender (Mis)Education

I found this article by Ira Gray, a trans*/queer activist and writer (you can find more from Ira on his blog That Blog About That Queer Kid), on Huffington Post. He discusses how queer folks should take the time to break society's misconceptions of trans* folks, specifically the notions that trans* people are "trapped in the wrong body," that we hate our bodies, and that our gender(s) are binary, falling into the male/female dichotomy. I think the following excerpt sums up the article pretty nicely:

"Trans* folks have nothing to lose and everything to gain by educating the public about our existence and about the true diversity of our narratives. Within the GSM (gender and/or sexuality minority) community, trans* people are the most likely targets for assault. We have the highest unemployment rate, suicide rate, and homelessness rate. What do we have to lose?"
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